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Books Worthy of a Dalliance
The Books
All's Fair, Mrs. Biddle

The redoubtable Mrs. Biddle asserts her primacy over all comers, on land and sea…  < more… > 

Hush, My Inner Sleuth

An impressionable young scholar finds herself plagued by the spirit of a Hollywood pulp detective….  < more… > 

Virtue at Market Price

Airship pirates, rum-runners, and one man’s noble struggle to secure American womanhood…  < more… > 

Them Shes Be Pirates

Now wedded to five of the Mortal Sins, our hero learns some hard truths about domestic affairs…  < more… > 

No Time for Fish Tales

The absurd voyages of E. Pluribus Van Slyke conclude with an ending as just as it is unexpected…  < more… > 

About Us

Lycophos Press prides itself on being not merely a publisher of metafictional excess, but a mere metafictional construct in its own right.

Rest assured, however, the books themselves—even those composed of nothing more than a collection of electronic bits—are just real enough to be purchsed.

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Our Authors

All of our authors straddle the author/character divide—albeit with varying degrees of success.

Mélisande Bodel, Eugenia Biddle, and W.B. Tigue may be considered creations of M.E. Meegs. Meegs herself, as well as E. Pluribus Van Slyke, are actual pseudonyms for mystery writer Robert Bruce Stewart.

Meegs’ ascent from fictional New Woman to postmodern authorial surrogate is loosely chronicled in the collection First Blush: A Meegs Miscellany, which is available, along with Stewart's other works, through HarryReeseMysteries.com.

It is Meegs’ indefatigable nature which made the creation of Lycophos Press inevitable. Hers is not a voice easily repressed. Some might see her as a pseudonymous ego run amok. For others, she appears that rare admixture of fixation and genius which has propelled so many authors to greatness—and more than a few of their readers to drink.

Byblos Foretold

Nothing illustrates the degree of Meegs’ delusional determination quite so clearly as the initiative she refers to as Byblos Foretold. What began as a simple settling of scores with the woman on whom the saga’s heroine is based has erupted into an unstoppable surge of fictional magma, which Meegs fully expects will crystallize into a new literary form.

You can visit the thing at: ByblosForetold.com